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DPE Wheels warrants its wheels against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase by the original consumer and/or user (“original purchaser”) under normal and reasonable use. Warranty is not transferable. DPE will repair or replace any wheel established as factory defect with a wheel of like size, design, and finish if and only if under the same production model run period. Any repair or warranty work does not warrant cancellation or refund due to its custom nature.  

This warranty does not cover damage due to accident, road hazards, misuse, abuse or negligence by the customer or their installation shop. There is no warranty on the finish due to variable conditions, salt, lack of maintenance, neglect and damage from cleaners. Claims for damages for appearance defects will not be honored once the wheel has been mounted with a tire. Furthermore, claims will not be honored if the visible existing identification markings have been defaced, altered or removed. The wheel should be mounted with tires, installed by reputable shop that has experience with custom wheels, used and maintained. Failure to follow such instructions will void all warranties.

  • It is important to retain the dated bill of sale/receipt as proof of purchase and the date of purchase.

  • Wheels that are used, second hand, refurbished, disassembled/assembled/repaired by a third party, and/or purchased from an unauthorized DPE Distributor are not covered by DPE nor liable.

  • Wheels for Warranty consideration must be shipped to DPE Wheels for review. Shipping costs to and from DPE is at the cost of the customer (refer to Policy and Procedures below for details).

  • If purchasing a wheel and tire package from a distributor, DPE is not liable as DPE did not sell you the tires. Please ask your distributor for details.

  • This is a performance-designed wheel. The wheel should not be used on vehicles exceeding the load limits, as recommended per wheel.

  • DPE designs are subject to variance due to forgings available. Some designs are not subject to alteration such as but not limited to all hidden hardware or all visible hardware due to strength concerns etc.

  • DPE is not responsible for mounting and balancing tires. It is highly recommended to only use performance tire shops with experience with custom made to order forged wheels. 

  • The wheel should not be used with a tire exceeding the tire diameter limits, as recommended per wheel. Do not over-inflate the tires. Bias tires should not be inflated to more than 40 p.s.i., and radial tires should not be inflated to more than 35 p.s.i. The tire should be mounted only according to good tire mounting practices using acceptable tire mounting equipment designed for the tire industry. Careless installation techniques may cause damage to wheels for which DPE as the manufacturer does not assume responsibility.

  • The wheel should be mounted using only lug nuts, mag nuts, or lug bolts of guaranteed quality and specifications meeting minimum D.O.T. safety requirements. This warranty does not apply if the wheel is modified or altered. 

  • All wheels rivets if applicable are to be re-torqued yearly.

  • Wheels should be inspected on a regular basis, at least annually. A wheel must be inspected after any accident to make sure that it has not been damaged and that lug nuts are intact and secure.

  • DPE is not responsible for leaks. All wheels are QC'd for proper assembly prior to shipping. Leaks are usually due, but not limited to improper install of tires, mounting tpms, or valve stems. DPE will offer technical support to assist. If installer cannot resolve the issue, customer is welcome to ship the wheel(s) to DPE for review.

  • DPE is not responsible for wheel vibration. All wheels are measured for proper runout tolerances prior to shipping and insure they are within or exceed the industry standard of 15-30 thousandths. All QC is documented and filmed available to the customer at any time. In the event any wheel experiences vibration contact your installer to remedy the situation. DPE will offer technical support to assist. If installer cannot resolve the issue, customer is welcome to ship the wheel(s) to DPE for review.


Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, the only warranty given by Dynamic Performance Engineering is the warranty specifically set forth herein. There is no other warranty of merchant-ability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and no other express or implied warranty. Any warranty is limited to a duration of one (1) year from the date of original purchase. Repair or replacement of wheel part, as provided under this warranty, is the exclusive remedy. DPE shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damage for breach of any warranty including, but not limited to, costs incurred from diagnosis, removal or installation labor, loss of vehicle use, loss of time, shipping, or inconvenience.


NOTE: a) Do not call DPE via phone as all warranty or non-warranty claims are serviced via email. b) Under no circumstances should the wheel(s) arrive with tires. If they do, the shipment will be refused. c) All shipping charges are to be paid by the customer. d) DPE is not responsible for any damages in shipping. All damage claims will be filed with the shipping courier and they will provide further instructions on how to proceed in resolution. Photos and video of the damaged boxes and wheel/wheels must be provided within 24hrs of receipt and sent to DPE to file claim with the courier. In addition, the customer is to contact shipping courier as well to inform of receiving wheels damaged so that the courier is informed by both shipper and recipient. Keep all packing materials as courier may exam in person for their investigation. DPE will work with courier to get the shipping claim reviewed and resolved asap while updating the customer during the process.

  1. Warranty claims are to be emailed with order details, issues experienced, and photos. The claim will be reviewed in 24-48 hours and responded with resolution instructions. The wheels will need to be shipped at customer’s expense for merit review.

  2. Non-warranty repairs emailed with order details, repair/replacement description, and photos. Response will be given within 24 hours with instruction how to proceed. The wheels will need to be shipped at customer’s expense.

  3. Prior to shipping, DPE must assign a reference number. Customer must reference number assigned on the top exterior lid of the box. Any shipments without a reference number, will be refused.

  4. When the wheel(s) arrive, photos will be taken to document the condition received. (refer to Note "d " above)

  5. The wheel(s) will be visually examined and tested for runout.

  6. Technician will summarize the results and description of repairs needed. There will be no charge for wheels deemed factory defect and covered under warranty. For non-warranty wheels, an estimate will be provided.

  7.  No service/ repair or parts ordered until the customer has signed and returned the repair estimate selecting what items they wish to repair/ replace and/or forego if applicable.

  8.  For non-warranty wheels, all parts and service must be paid ahead of work done. This policy was implemented due to previous customers sending wheels for repair; DPE orders parts and performs service, only to have the wheels sit for extended periods of time without payment.

  9.  In the event the customer foregoes the recommended repairs and chooses to repair/ replace only certain items, within the estimate, DPE is released of all liability regarding that specific wheel as DPE recommends to repair/ replace all necessary components that have issue.

  10. ETA of the repair will be given, but it is subject to degree of damage and/ or, but not limited to the ability of parts sourced from the 3rd party supplier.

  11. Should there be a delay in completion, DPE will notify the customer.


  • Once payment is confirmed ETA for wheels is approximately 16 weeks excluding holidays, weekends, and SEMA Show. Delays may occur due, but not limited to availability of parts and/ or wheels not meeting quality standards such as powdercoat blemishes, etc. DPE is not responsible for time vehicle is down, rental car, or any internal expenses caused by any delay in wheel production, repair, or warranty work. Delays in production do not warrant cancellation or refunds.

  • All wheels are custom made to order per vehicle and each wheel design will have variations per vehicle due to, but not limited to specs, load rating (weight of vehicle), and/ or available forgings etc but the overall wheel design will be retained. Some examples include, but not limited to DPE center engravings, PCD bowl depth, thickness or position of spokes, and/ or concavity.

  • DPE cannot be responsible for incorrect information or specs given. If fitment is not provided by the customer, DPE will recommend DPE fitment; however, the customer must give the final authorization as preference and perceptions may differ among individuals. Should the customer require a technical consult one may be provided to understand the custom tailored fitment specifications. Upon receiving, the wheels are to be testfit with load prior to mounting tires to insure proper fitment. If there is an issue, please email us immediately include order details, issues experienced, and photos. The claim will be reviewed in 24 hours and responded with resolution instructions.

  • DPE is not responsible for tire choice or size, but can recommend based on the widths. Perception and preference is of personal taste and all vehicles have different factors such as, but not limited to suspension height, camber, etc; therefore, DPE cannot be held liable.

  • DPE will not shave backpads for used wheels by original owner or second hand owner under no circumstances due to safety and liability reasons.


PAYMENT:  Payment is required to process and order. Cash, business check, cashier’s check, Zelle and wire transfer is accepted. Non-warranty wheels, all parts and service must be paid ahead of work done. Residents of California will incur  sales tax. Credit card/ PayPal/ Venmo are not accepted. By paying the invoice you are provided, you are entering a contractual agreement with DPE Wheels and waive your right to dispute or request a refund as the wheels are custom made to order. If any balance is owed it must be paid within 48 hours of wheel completion. Failure to do so will waive your rights to the wheels and no monies will be returned. Wheels are not released for shipping or Will Call without prior approval for release from accounting. 

NO RETURN POLICY: All DPE Wheels are custom made to order. We do not stock any wheels as they are intended to be custom tailored to your preference. Once payment has been received, the order will be processed and cannot be cancelled nor refunded due to its custom nature. You have 24 hours to make any changes. After this period has expired, no further changes can be made. This is to insure there are no mistakes or disruption to the production process.

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